Free stock images of people?
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Looking for an organized collection of stock images of people -- for free? This is for non-commercial use. There are a gazillion supposedly-free stock sites but as far as I can tell they exist to funnel traffic to paid stock sites. Any hidden gems?
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Unsplash is an easy go to, as is Nappy.
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Flickr lets you search for creative-commons licensed photos.
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Wikipedia has a list.
posted by Poldo at 5:55 PM on August 24, 2018 is free public-domain images. Search results will always return a line of sponsored pics by Shutterstock at the top (fortunately, they're shown smaller than the pixabay images), and there are plenty of pics of people.
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Here you go. Scroll down this page to find 15 free stock photos recommendations:
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In addition to those mentioned above, I use
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Go to Google and put in your search terms (ex: "happy people"), then click on Images. When the photos come up, click on Settings and then Advanced Search. Go to Usage Rights - in the drop down box, choose "free to use, share or modify, even commercially" and click the button for Advanced Search.
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Guys, guys! I found a site,, not as big as unsplash -- but bigger than nappy -- that lets you download some images for free, and ANY image for $5 a month (for personal use). They have isolated images in PSD too, and vectors, and and. Dude imma best-answer myself.

(Please don't ban me -- I have nothing to do with the site!)
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