DIY equinox celebration in Portland, OR
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My two best girlfriends and I will be in Portland, Oregon, for the fall equinox. We are looking for a fun, relatively low-key way to celebrate!

The equinox is on Saturday, September 22nd. We are staying at the Inn at Northrup Station. Looking for fun ways to celebrate that aren’t going to a big party or a busy club. One thing we will likely do over the weekend is go to Chapman elementary school to watch the swifts flying into roost one evening, so that seemed appropriately witchy/pagan. Another idea might be a bar or restaurant within walking distance of our hotel with a fire pit, where they wouldn’t mind us adding a few small scraps of paper to the fire with our wishes for the next season written on them. Hopefully that gives you an idea of the kind of thing we are looking for. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!
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Drinking out of the skulls of sacrifices, of course. j/k

The actual time of the equinox is 9:54 PM so that works out perfectly. Create a little ceremony. I would add that you should write down your wishes for yourself on one piece of paper and a wish for each of your friends too. Do your ceremony at 9:54 exactly for maximum effect.
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Nice, I really like the idea of watching the swifts come home.

Fall equinox to me has a couple of aspects that you could build something onto:

(1) Harvest. You'll be moving from the active/energetic time of summer into the more quiet/contemplative time of fall. Take stock of what you've "harvested" already from your summer activities, take note of the "harvest" that you still need to "bring in" before Halloween, and start to make the decisions about what projects or things will not be harvestable after all and that you can think about cutting loose.

(2) Balance. We've been in the super active and energetic summer, but at equinox the light and dark are balanced (heading towards the increasing dark of winter). How can you use this time to implement more balance in your life between the active and the contemplative?

If you're looking for a reading for the occasion, I've always loved the "Farewell, O Sun" invocation from Janet and Stewart Farrar, "A Witches' Bible" (first half also published as "Eight Sabbats for Witches").
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