Scroll through distinct links?
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I'm making a history map that has 1400+ entries with a URL. I want to feed the list of URLs into [X] and then use a USB scroll wheel (like the griffin powermate wheel) to go between the urls. Think public display at a museum. Solve for X.

What is the program/browser extension/technique for making this work? Imagine I am moderately intelligent but not a dedicated programmer.
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Do you want this live connected to the internet or is this essentially a slide show with a wheel selection?
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If you have links on the page for each of the urls, I would imagine you could map the scroll wheel to act as if you are pressing the tab button and that would go between each url in the order entered in html. Then, left and right click are still available for opening links. In that case, X would just be a run of the mill page.
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Connect to the Internet and I do not understand the tab button idea. I want each click on the scroll wheel to go up or down a list of URLs.
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Sorry, another clarification question. Is this what you are thinking?
There is a screen showing a web page. Turning the scroll wheel one click left goes to the previous page, while turning the scroll wheel right one click goes to the next page. The list of web pages is not shown, all that is shown is the contents of that URL. There is no other input.
If this is the case, you could solve the problem easily by a program that makes screenshots of each webpage and then use a image viewer to display the images. If, however, you really need it to show the 'live' version of the URL contents, you will probably have to look into a web browser with kiosk mode and custom shortcuts to move through your bookmark list.
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I can get about 90% of the way there in a web browser with no special modification, just plain old html (well, jquery, but that's not the same thing as modifying the browser). See this fiddle (just copy the contents of the 'html' pane into a file called "index.html" and it will work directly in your browser). It presents 4 of the mefi subsites and lets you click left or right to go "up" or "down" this list. Mouse wheel won't work because iframes swallow up the mousewheel events before the parent window can get access to them. There might be some hacky workaround out there but I kinda doubt it.

If you're going to use, say, screenshots of the websites rather than the live site, you can get the mousewheel thing to work. In fact the code I wrote would require very minimal modification. Just change the iframe to an img tag and change the 'urls' list to point at the screenshots, then change the part that says on("click contextmenu") to on("mousewheel"). Mefi mail me if you get stuck.

I wrote this in about 20 minutes flat and make no guarantees at to its fitness for purpose etc. Caveat emptor.
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