Sourcing injectable estrogen
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The company that made the estradiol valerate 40mg/ml for intramuscular injection seems to have stopped production earlier this year. The efforts of my doctor's office and myself to find a different source have turned up nil. Anybody else taking it have luck securing a source, or know someone who has?

Additional information: I'm in the U.S. (MN), been taking IM estradiol valerate for transition reasons for a couple years. Switched to it from estradiol pills after less than stellar results. Tried to switch to patches after it became clear that finding more injectable was going to be difficult, and it was pretty disastrous, only made it about six weeks before switching back (increased anxiety, low mood, suicidal ideation).

The compounding pharmacy that my hormone doc usually uses initially said they could provide it, but changed their tune shortly thereafter. Sources I've found are conflicted on if this is a temporary shortage or all manufacture has ceased, but my pharmacy said it was a discontinuation, not a shortage. I'm not in imminent danger of running out, but I'd like to find a new source before burning through all of my emergency stockpile. Estradiol cypionate would probably be fine too, but I haven't had luck finding that either.
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Best answer: I've had problems getting the generic estradiol valerate too, but my pharmacy was able to order Delestrogen for me instead. It's the name brand for estradiol valerate and I think it's still being produced. Maybe you could try asking your pharmacy about it?
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Best answer: If you switch to name brand due to a shortage, and have insurance, your insurer may have an exception form so you continue paying generic prices. Example.
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Best answer: The ASHP drug shortage page indicates that the 40mg/mL is available in limited supply (though these reports are not always accurate). Try calling around to multiple pharmacies.
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Best answer: It seems this has been something of a chronic issue, enough that Fenway & Callen-Lorde clinics published an 11-page pdf (”Resolving the Current Injectable Estrogen Shortage - A Public Health Imperative“) about it (with what they know of the backstory to it, along with some calls to action) in 2016.
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Response by poster: Update:

While I was working with my doctor's office and insurance company to get the brand name Delestrogen covered, my pharmacy finally got some of the generic in stock! Hopefully this means the shortage is starting to abate.
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