Extremely Tiny Head Seeks Perfect Hat
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I have a child’s size head. I found a fantastic fedora, finally. But now I need more! Where can I find actual, good, structured fedoras in kid’s/teeny head sizes? Why is this impossible?

I bought this fedora on Amazon. It was listed at 51cm (approximately 20in or I think it’s a size 6 1/4 or 6 1/2??). (Link to same one but slightly larger size.)

It fits beautifully. Its amazingly made and stiff and structured. Better yet it was less than $20 but feels MUCH more expensive. 

I ADORE the pinched top, wide brim, and ribbon. This is my dream style and size of hat. 

BUT I want a black one so bad. I have TRIED to find one but it seems impossible.


Similar style fedora, more of a flat brim, pinched crown (possibly would consider a flat top pork pie hat. More of a round brim than an oval. Think boho or gothy vibes like this.
Not a trilby with rolled brim.

Approximately 51cm/20in circumference 

Brim is about 2”
Crown is about 5” 

Black wool or acrylic with matching ribbons or accessories. NO real leather (Faux leather ok.)
Reasonably priced: Hopefully less than $50 but the perfect hat I could go up a bit.
Good return policy.
Bonus for multiple color options beyond black too.

After hours of searching I just tried one from amazon that didn’t fit well, wasn’t the color pictured, and the brim in the back was too long and bumped my neck and fell off when I looked up.

Surely these exist right?
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Try contacting the company directly? Fedora, in black, on their site; you'd inquire about XS availability, through them or through a non-Amazon retailer.

Beyond that -- it's a pain in the keister, but if Amazon gets the perfect-fitting hat you purchased back in stock, that is 100%, DIY-dyeable felted wool.
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Ferrecci also has a pork pie with a 2" brim, in navy. Maybe the free catalog is more expansive, color and size-wise.
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Zara's boys section often carries hats in various styles (fedoras, newsboy caps, duckbill, etc.) that are styled exactly like men's hats, but small. They don't have any fedoras right now — sorry! — but maybe something to keep an eye on?
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I have similar problems with hats. What I've started doing is taking a bit of 1" wide elastic and sewing it in a bridge across the back 4" of the inner hat band, and pulling it tight enough so the hat sits snugly on my head without being too constricting. This allows me to buy less expensive (but super cute) hats, or that *perfect* style that's an inch or two too large and still wear it without looking like a child playing dress up.
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Have you shopped vintage? I wear a 7 5/8, which is also outside the normal range of modern hats. My subjective experience is that the majority of hats in vintage stores, at estate sales &c. seem to be size 7 or below. YMMV, but they made 'em better back in the day.
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Boys Black Fedora Hat with Feather, 100% wool, available in three sizes: 50cm, 52cm, 54cm. (at an online tuxedo outlet; similar places might bear fruit)

The hat you have, for $30, from eastsideculturalcenter.org, if you want to try a dye or paint job.
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My kiddo has an amazing fedora from Gap Kids. I wish it was my size!
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Have you tried the 53cm size? It very likely might fit even better than the 51cm.
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