What are the opportunities to help elect Democrats to Congress?
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I know of some volunteers looking to help elect Democrats in the 2018 election for Senate, the House, and Governor's races. They are spread out around the country, and I am looking for the best resources for them to get plugged in for any of those races.

I am specifically looking for resources which could be used by anyone, no matter whether they live. Instead of telling someone to look for canvassing opportunities with the Congressperson running in their district, I would rather direct them to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Many districts aren't competitive, and I think good strategy is for people to go where they are most needed.

I am open to any kind of resources, whether canvassing, phonebanking (in groups or from home), postcards, social media campaigns, or anything else.

Something like MoveOn's text program is perfect. It's targeting key races, and can be done from anywhere in the country, in groups or from home.

Swingleft, also great.

Can you help me compile all the best resources for a nationwide network of activists to get to work to help elect Democrats? Thanks!
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My husband is canvassing and registering in a nearby district to flip it via Swingleft and grassroots, but both of us are doing Postcards To Voters several times a week too and it's very satisfying.
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Seconding Postcards to Voters!
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Sam Wang of the Princeton Election Consortium has a tool to find Competitive Congressional Districts Near You.

Flippable is supporting 100 progressive candidates in state legislative races. Their volunteer page lists things like text/phone-banking opportunities.

The Great Slate is channeling donations toward several progressive candidates running in districts without established Democratic Party infrastructure and fund-raising. Sarah Jeong wrote about it for The Verge earlier this year.
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The Sister District Project organizes location-based volunteer teams, and pairs those teams with strategically-selected “sister” districts across the country. They “focus on critical down-ballot, state races [...] with the strategic goals of (1) flipping Republican-held state chambers (2) holding fragile Democratic majorities in state chambers, and (3) making blue inroads in badly gerrymandered states.”
So: they'll ask you where you live, hook you up with a team of volunteers in your area, and have you help in a swing district that might be near you, or might be someplace completely different.
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Depending on their skill set, Tech for Campaigns.
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The Last Weekend. The emphasis is of course on the last weekend before the midterms, but there's work going on now.
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Response by poster: For those interested, the document is at http://bit.ly/SupportDems2018.

Any feedback is welcome.
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