Took second Shingrix shot too early--will this be harmful?
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Is it harmful to space Shingrix shots closer than 8 weeks?

My son recently had a very serious illness, and I was preoccupied. (He's Ok now.) Unfortunately, I mixed up the dates and got my second Shingrix shot a little less than six weeks after the first one. Would this be harmful? The protocol says, at least 8 weeks apart.

I know metafilter isn't a medical forum, but I'm hoping someone would know?

Many thanks!
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I would not worry about it being harmful. I would worry about it being *ineffective*. i.e., you may have to get another shot sometime in more than 8 weeks in order to have the vaccine work properly. You should consult with your doctor.
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Per the official CDC recommendation document, “If the second dose of RZV is given less than 4 weeks after the first, the second dose should be repeated.“ So 6 weeks is perhaps not optimal, but they would not say you need to repeat that dose.
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Oh, btw, the closer spacing definitely will not hurt you. As brainmouse says, the only question is whether there’s been enough time for you to get the benefit of both doses.
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Thanks so much!
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