AdBlock and MetaFilter (and NYROB)
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Since yesterday-ish (so, since 8/22), there's apparently been some sort of change in either my installation of AdBlock (Safari, current MacOS) and Metafilter. When I load MeFi, I get the text, but clearly none of the CSS.

I thought perhaps Safari was just confused, so I quit it and restarted; not only did the problem not go away, but it's spread. For a while I've had a NYROB article up, as yet unread, and when I relaunched Safari it, too, had the same (apparently) no-CSS problem.

Disabling AdBlock resolves the issue, but I'd like to know more about what's going on here. Does anyone here know what might be causing this change in behavior?
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The CSS is loaded from and if you are using Dark Mode more CSS is added by a JavaScript after the page is loaded. This is probably confusing the ad-blocker into thinking the site is trying to inject ads, even if you have allowed.
posted by CyberSlug Labs at 12:10 PM on August 23, 2018

Is this a new change? Because it's definitely new behavior.
posted by uberchet at 1:03 PM on August 23, 2018

Cloudfront they’ve been using at least a few years — cf my 2012 metatalk post "The page is still loading, please wait to add favorites.”
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Should this be in MetaTalk?
posted by AugustWest at 1:38 PM on August 23, 2018

Anything that looks relevant in your browser developer console?
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Should this be in MetaTalk?

it's also NYT Review of Books so figured it might be better here.
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It seems to be due to a faulty filterlist.
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Yeah, that bad filter, by the way, blocked everything with the letter “n” in the url.
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This comment, specifically, shows what you need to do to fix it.
posted by jessamyn at 3:02 PM on August 23, 2018

Brilliant. I knew I could count on MeFi.
posted by uberchet at 4:20 PM on August 23, 2018

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