I just need a page number: Anthony Powell The Acceptance World
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This is going to sound random. But do any of you good mefites happen to have this particular book, Anthony Powell The Acceptance World, in paper form, as in, a book with page numbers? Because I need to find the precise page number for a quote from it. The quote is "He fell in love with himself at first sight and it is a passion to which he has always remained faithful." It is in the first chapter somewhere.

Maybe if anyone has it, it'd be easier to find the quote with this longer context:

‘Nothing equivocal about the position of Members in that ménage, do you think?’ said Barnby.
‘Not in the least.’
‘I don’t think St. John Clarke is interested in either sex,’ said Barnby. ‘He fell in love with him elf at first sight and it is a passion to which he has always remained faithful.’
‘Self-love seems so often unrequited.’
‘But not in the case of St. John Clarke,’ said Barnby. ‘He is entirely capable of getting along without what most of the rest of us need.’

The above is from an epub without page numbers and booklike formatting, but I need to find out the actual page number for this quote.
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Do you have or need specific publishing information, or are you just looking for any paper version? You can see on Worldcat that it has been published several times, probably with different page numbering.
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it's the second-to-last page of chapter 1, if people are looking in physical books.
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Any published version is acceptable, but I'd need to know which one specifically. This is for a citation and reference in an academic paper (stupid editors want page numbers for mottos). So I'd need to have the page number as well as the particular edition. Such as the ISBN, or publication year, publisher, etc.
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P33-4 in my Penguin UK edition dated 1962
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Sorry, that’s for the full long quote. The short quote is P33.
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Awesome! That's all I need! Thanks, little apollo. Metafilter continues to be the best.
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stupid editors want page numbers because it's standard academic practice
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Asking a citation for a motto is not standard academic practice.
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