lookin for music with 'organic' percussion, especially muted snaps/claps
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This is going to sound crazy - but I really just love the 'sound-profile' of the muted snaps and claps in this song. Do you know of any other songs with this kind of muted, natural acoustic percussion style? Thanks in advance! :) Rich, by Cosmo Sheldrake, Anndreyah Vargas

P.S. I don't know how to describe why this is similar, but Fly, by Ludovico Einaudi also hits the same chord for me. And Bespoken by Johnny Random. Something about how the rhythm is set up to overlap with itself in a somewhat organic way perhaps. *shrug* -- obviously I don't know enough music/music theory to categorize this effect well, but if you know anything that sounds similar to these, please send it my way + link to youtube. Thanks!
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I'm slightly reminded of Micachu and the Shapes.
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Sorry, but it's hard to understand what you're looking for, based on the examples and description you've provided. (The Einaudi track doesn't include any percussion whatsoever, which is especially confusing.)

That said:

If it's the looseness of the beats that you like (as in "Rich"), check out anything with beats by J Dilla. He played beats on his MPC manually, instead of sequencing them and quantizing them like most hip-hop producers do – so his stuff has a more organic, almost sloppy feel.


Both tracks (but especially "Bespoken") remind me a bit of Four Tet:

As Serious As Your Life
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Ha! Apparently J Dilla remixed that Four Tet track.
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Maybe Aphex Twin -- Alberto Balsalm ?
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Elton John - Benny and the Jets
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Maybe, Mathew Herbert has something with the vibe you're looking for. He uses allot of natural sourced samples and loops in his productions. I'd check out his "around the house" project. If you're looking for looping rhythms... Steve Reich is worth looking into. Here's one more approachable composition.
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D’Angelo -Sugah Daddy
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You might like Steve Reich's Clapping Music - in this case claps used in a super rigid structure.
(the comments on "Rich" indicate that the percussion sound was made by slapping a cow carcass - probably not too many other songs with that exact effect).

In terms of music with loose sounding organic feeling percussion - you might like some music used with Capoeira music - performed within a circle of spectators/musicians who provide the music.
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Not muted but certainly organic: Optimist by POS, a rap song with cup drumming.
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Oh hey. Try this track that I just heard on the podcast!
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Is there any way the effect you're after is related to ASMR? There is a 62 song ASMR playlist on Spotify that might have some contenders -- a lot of similar percussion.
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