Washer Woes
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Should I find a washing machine repair person or let this intermittent beeping go on?

I have a 3 year old Maytag Bravos XL Top Loading HE Washing Machine. A couple of times in the past few months, it has given me a 3-tone beep instead of it's usual cheery song at the end of the cycle and continued beeping until I unplugged it (no error code was flashing on the screen). Letting it sit overnight seemed to solve whatever the issue is/was and I could continue doing laundry the next day.

This weekend, it gave me the continual 3 tones and flashed an F5 error code, which the internet seems to indicate is a latch sensor. After unplugging it overnight, it was still beeping when plugged back in. I tried to find a repair person in my area with no luck (Thanks for all the help, Maytag). On a whim, I plugged it back in this morning (after 3 days of being unplugged) and everything was back to normal. Should I just let this go or should I work harder to find a repair person?

Bonus question: I have a king size flannel duvet cover that confounds the machine's sensors. If I wash it on bulky/bedding, the normal cycle time is listed on the panel as 1.5 hours. However, the actual washing time for this items seems to double the time. Is this normal? I've washed fluffy, queen size fiberfill bedspreads with no dramatic uptick in wash time....
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I've found that it's less intimidating than you'd think to open up a washing machine and look at the parts. If there is a latch sensor error, it could be the plug to the latch sensor is loose. It's really really easy to pop it open and see if you have a screwdriver. There's no specialized tools or anything.

I highly recommend you look up your model on youtube and take it apart following that. You'll be surprised at how easy it is!
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Is there a reason not to just, you know, call Maytag and see what they have to say about the meaning of the three three beeps on that model?
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