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I'm interested in the idea of external reminders to check in/take stock/breathe/be present/or whatever, on a regular or random schedule. I have a bunch of faved previous questions that deal with various kinds of physical, visual, and/or technological aids to mindfulness. But they're mostly a few years old. What's new that I will find interesting?

There seem to be quite a few mindfulness bell/interval timer type apps, but which ones are a pleasure to use? But for those of us working in an open office, how do we avoid annoying co-workers with random chimes? And what if I don't want to have a smartphone on my person at all times? How can I surround myself with breathing gifs? What is the non-judgmental Lumo Lift?

Previouslies to which I would like to see updated responses:
What sorts of vibrating reminder devices are out there?
ADHD time management: a bracelet that vibrates every hour?
Is there an app for that?
I’m interested in the DURR, a simple display-less “watch” that vibrates every 5 minutes....

What are the external props, prompts, and practices that remind you to be mindful and return to center when life’s little details overshadow your intention? <3 the mix of technological and analog in these answers.
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Recent article on wearable devices with guided breathing apps.

Watchminder - ADHD vibrating watch

Nicer looking Reminder-watch that doesn’t actually exist yet.

Reminder wristband (kind of ugly imo)

If you get something will you come back and review? I’ve been looking,myself. I have a Fitbit Flex 2, and I like how small it is and that it’s waterproof, but it has a very limited number of alarms. I think it’s possible that it could work with a phone app to pick up notifications though...
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There is an app called ALOE BUD that does this with a particularly gentle aesthetic. I love it.

Also if you use Twitter @tinycarebot is a great addition to any timeline.
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The Calm app sends you a reminder to "take a deep breath" every now and then.
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Before the Advent of smartphone apps, I worked in an office where you could hear everybody's phones ring. I used the ringing phones as a breathing cue, and it worked well for me.
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