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When you're in the process of looking for a new job, how do you adopt a "good enough" mindset with your current work? Complication: leaving a new job (very) early.

I've been at my new job just about four months, but I've decided to finally switch industries. I'm doing all of the things I need to do to make this happen (I hope): networking, sending off resumes, self-study, preparing a portfolio, consulting with mentors, etc. The plan feels positive and energizing and I'm glad I'm doing this, even if it feels a little tricky in some ways.

My new-job prep takes another 20-30+ hours a week of work on top of my full-time job. Luckily, it's a good time for this kind of thing - I feel energized by the process, I'm in a life situation where I can really focus in, etc. This is all good.

My main problem is that I'm having trouble identifying the Good Enough point at my current job. My schedule is very busy - tons of meetings, cross-department teams, committees. I feel like I'm doing a good job at my workshop obligations and my one-on-one consultations. Where I'm having trouble is keeping up this very social, community-building energy. I find it literally extremely draining. I also find myself really uncomfortable with Faking It type social things, and so when I get roped into committee work and projects, or when I try to make progress on this big Political Alliance-y thing (gah I hate that stuff to begin with), and knowing that I ultimately don't care about the outcome, it's proving hard from an energy perspective. Also, even without this life/career switch, I've been at risk of burning out all summer long because of other aspects of 2018 for me personally. I feel like I'm walking a fine line.

I totally get that this time is enabling future time that will be better for my long-term goals. I'm grateful to have this employment right now, and I don't want to fuck it up. I just need to stay focused. I think it would help to reduce my workload slightly, as I think even if I wasn't doing all of this extra work it would be just a touch too much on my plate. I'd like to adopt a very focused, diligent Good Enough mindset. (And this is probably a good mindset to have in general, at least in some situations!)

Any tips? Things I can do to psych myself up, stay focused, bite off the appropriate sized tasks for this moment, etc.? Many thanks!!
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I would chat to your manager about the need to be involved in the committee work or projects, say something like you're feeling like it takes too much energy which is taking away from your [other work] and could they look to reduce your input on these? You could even say you hope it would only be temporary while you focus on [main goals]. Good luck!
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I'm not really sure I understand what you're talking about, but it sounds like you are involved in a lot of work that sounds like it's not fundamental to your job. I would cut out as much of that as possible. Get off these committees. Stop building political alliances. End your involvement on the projects. All you need to do is say you don't have the time. As long as you are doing your job, that's good enough.

I've left some jobs where I put in lots of overtime at the end and nearly worked myself to death trying to put a bow on everything I was working on, complete emergency projects, etc. I hate to tell you this, but there's no gold star at the end.
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