What % am I?
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In American politics, we often hear reference to the top "1%" of citizens whose total wealth is equivalent to the total wealth of the bottom 50% (not sure if this is exactly correct, but that's the idea) of citizens. I am curious to know where I stand, economically.

Is there an app or website where you can enter your gross assets, and get a calculation of what percentile you are in?

I would like to know my approximate status compared to other Americans, and to others globally.
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US: http://graphics.wsj.com/what-percent/

World: http://www.globalrichlist.com/

The US one is for income only, not gross assets.
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One issue is people rank a bit differently for income compared to wealth.

Another issue is personal vs household income (or wealth).

Wikipedia has a a table based on 2014 data for household income that you can use to place your household within percentile bins, for the USA.

Spoiler: If your household ‘earns’ over $250k/yr then you are off the table, and over the 96.98 percentile. 50th percentile was $55k-59,999.
To correct for today, move the very rich richer and everyone else poorer, by 1-20%

And btw by wealth, it’s the top 1% own more than the bottom 90, in the USA
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Right, the actual 1% don't have "income" as much as they have "wealth"

I mean, they probably do have "income" from investments and I'm sure some of them work, but the people in the american 1% just have a ton of capital.
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That chart has the top 1% starting at about 300k, which yes, is a lot of money, but that is not really what a "1 percenter" is.

A 1 percenter by wealth has a net worth of 10 million plus

If a 300k/year earner put away 150k/year and made 7%/year on his investments, it would take them 25 years to have 10 million dollars.
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This calculator will let you plug in your net worth and find your percentile
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Although it's a class/social network thing too: Paul Manafort, for example, has still been part of the 1% even through this period of negative net worth during the past decade-plus when he's been in debt to the point of mortal peril to Oleg Deripaska and who knows who else.
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This NY Times calculator is old, but an interesting analysis.
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Global Rich List, the second site linked in the first comment on this thread, gives incorrect (and not even in the right ballpark) data. (I'm sorry I don't have an accurate alternative to suggest.)
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