I need an app to track how much I use apps
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I'm interested in tracking how much time per week I spend on certain apps and on web browsing in general. What are the best apps (iOS and/or Android) that can help me keep track of this? I'm not interested in blocking or limiting my usage right now, just tracking it. Thanks!
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Moment does exactly this! I have been using it for a few weeks and it tracks your usage and show time spent on each app.
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If you're running the iOS 12 beta, the Screen Time feature does this. It tracks how much time you spend on apps and gives you a breakdown every week of your total time spent.
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Oh cool. Yeah I updated my iOS and on the Settings>Battery and under battery usage there's a clock icon to toggle. (I'm surprised I only spent 5.8 hours on Instagram the last week.)
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The new Digital Wellbeing tools in Android Pie do this. It's in beta now, but I was able to sign up and download it last week, and I think it'll be out in a month or so for everyone.
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RescueTime on Android.
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Thrive for Android. Lets you specify how long you want to use each app per day and then cuts you off when that time arrives.
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