Stylish women who look like me (sort of)
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Looking for style blogs by women with average sized apple/rectangle shapes.

I like looking at style blogs and whatnot, and lately I've been working on a wardrobe refresh so I'm revisiting some of the advice for how to dress based on body shape. I consider myself an apple but based on some definitions I'm a rectangle. Narrow shoulders and hips, minimal waist definition (waist is smaller than hips and bust but not dramatically), ample bosom and a tummy thing is happening. Size is between US8 and 12 depending on the brand. Anyway, I read blog posts looking for images of women with something like my shape who look amazing in what they are wearing. Sadly, what I get is mostly images of 1) very slender celebrities who, while they may technically be apples, don't give me any idea what those clothes would look like on me or 2) plus sized women who, while they look amazing, also don't give me an idea of what those clothes would look like on me or 3) images of just the clothes with or without faceless models - super unhelpful for me. So far the best I can do is 1) Crazy Ex Girlfriend (Rachel Bloom's body shape is pretty similar to mine) and 2) this 2007 article. I have also found this list of non-hourglass fashion bloggers and a neat blog by a woman with gorgeous white hair I can't find right now.

I've spent a fair bit of time googling this so I don't have a lot of hope but I thought I'd spend a question on it. Are there any over 35 women with apple/rectangle shapes in the size 6-14 range blogging about fabulous styles?
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I found the blog mentioned above - When the Girls Rule.
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I find Instagram good for this- you can search hastags that are different descriptive terms- lots of "regular women" post photos of their fashion style. You could search #appleshape, for example, and all the people who used that term would show up. There are also a lot of "plus sized" (size 10-14) models on instagram; one of them may have your shape.
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Franish? (I linked to the google images so you can quickly check it out but the blog is

Not super active lately but check out the archives.
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I'm not 100% sure if she matches your body type, and she's not over 35, but Style is Style is pretty fantastic.
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Elisabeth Moss and Rachel Ray both look to have body types rather similar to Rachel Bloom's, if that helps.
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This seems to be a very underserved area and if I were photogenic and more organized I'd be seriously tempted to start my own online fashion thing.

For anyone else looking for the same stuff, I found Room 334 - her body type seems apple-ish with a fuller bust/midsection slender legs and arms - and she wears some really fun stuff.

Also it occurred to me to browse Curvy Sewing Collective and so far I've run across Very Paige who defines herself as an apple.
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Kendi Everyday is pretty solid - not sure if she is over 35 but her style is pretty standard and I will get inspiration for putting together outfits based on her blog.
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