September festivals/conventions/retreats in North America?
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My partner and I have the whole month of September off from work. Woohoo! Because of Zika and visa issues, we're going to stay in USA & Canada. We have both been lucky to have been sightseeing tourists at a bunch of major cities and national parks. So, for this break we're looking for something different. Do you have any recommendations for events, conventions, or retreats happening next month?

We're interesting in anything where a bunch of like-minded people hang out and do something together. Anything like art, music, volunteering, a class, meditation/yoga, language-learning, etc. Some things we've looked at:
- Burning Man or Dragoncon (unfortunately we're already busy for labor day weekend)
- John C. Campbell Folk School which was recommended previously.
- Toronto International Film Festival
- The Minnesota Renaissance Festival
- Something like TED or SXSW would be cool, but neither are in September.

Any ideas, hivemind? Thanks in advance!
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Since you mention the MN Renaissance Festival, maybe you would be interested in another MN destination? The North House Folk School has classes in various traditional crafts, and it looks like they have some big festival or event in September. And the North Shore could be really lovely then too!
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Have you been to the Toronto Film Festival before? The best way would have been to buy a package of tickets back in June. The schedule goes up tomorrow and then you pick your stuff. If you haven't done that you could try for individual tickets which go on sale September 3rd. If you don't do that you can try to do rush tickets... be prepared to stand in line a lot. Popular stuff or have buzz sell out quick. Even if you don't get into a movie there's loads of stuff to do in Toronto.
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Bumbershoot is in Seattle 8/31 to 9/2
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The Common Ground Fair in Unity, Maine is a massive agricultural fair held by MOFGA, the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association on Sept. 21-23. I went last year for the first time and enjoyed it so much more than our very typical county fair. Real food, beautiful flower and vegetable exhibits, sheep dog trials and ox pulls (instead of tractor pulls), folk music.
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I’ve always wanted to go to the Ohio Pawpaw Festival. Who wouldn’t want to patronize a hootenanny centered around America’s only native tropical fruit?! The festival features pawpaw eating contests, an assortment of pawpaw beers, music, and food vendors that all incorporate pawpaw something into their lineup. I’ve literally just sold myself on the idea AGAIN writing this so even if you don’t go, I’m at least still interested
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Clearly I got so excited that I neglected to mention that the festival is the weekend of September 14 in Lake Snowden, Ohio.
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The Paseo is a weird Taos, New Mexico art festival, September 14 and 15. They have art, music, performers, and a science/technology slant. Check out some of the artists here.
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Thank you! We ended the up getting our visa issues sorted out and am off to Korea. But, I will definitely keep these ideas in mind for the future!
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