How do I go about finding a mid-level job in USA? (I speak Chinese)
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I am a young woman with a college degree from China, I have a green card and I majored in English. I want to get a job (preferably that uses my Chinese skills) that pays at LEAST $20 an hour (full time). My main work experience in the USA is with a Chinese shipping company for 2 years where I made $20 an hour. How do people find jobs nowadays? All I've done so far is find companies to apply for on Any tips or advice is welcome!
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What did you do in the shipping company? I would look for job titles that seem to align with what your role was and then submit your resume to the companies you find that have openings for those positions using Indeed, Glassdoor, or even Craigslist. Logistics analyst, logistics associate, shipping coordinator, warehouse manager, etc. If you would like the company to make use of your Chinese skills, look for Chinese companies or companies that do international work.

Have you reached out to former coworkers or job recruiters who you are on good terms with and asked about job openings? Assuming your resume is updated and polished, you should hear back and be brought in for interviews. Is the field you are looking to work in a field that cares about Linkedin? If you have a Linkedin profile, you may be able to contact or be contacted by other recruiters or temp agencies that can help you in your search.

Most people these days find jobs by means of applying online, using a recruiter, or getting recommended by someone they know.
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Where are you located?
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Can you take your experience from the shipping company and find another similar company who would value both your experience and your Chinese language skills? That's where I would start-- logistics.
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Response by poster: For the shipping company, I did sourcing, order placement, arrange international shipping, after sale customer service. I was a 'purchasing assistant'.

I'm in Columbus Ohio.

Hope this helps
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I would look at the job postings for any nearby colleges and universities.
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Business translators at large agencies make much than $20 an hour. My friend works remotely for TransPerfect in New York. Maybe start there?
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Medical/community interpreting- pays at least $35/$40 an hour. I do Mandarin interpreting part-time (Mandarin) and work for local agencies and non-profits. It might be hard to find enough work to do full-time, and it'd be contract basis. Translation also pays well- start on the website. (I've done this too).

Court interpreting is difficult (strict certification process) but is in high demand and well-paid.
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I have experience with J>E translation. To earn even $20/hr, it's going to take you a couple of years. Translation also requires that you be able to write well in your target language -- in this case Mandarin.

Interpretation (which is different than translation) is even more difficult. You don't necessarily need to be accredited, but you need to be good enough to inspire the trust of the people you're interpreting for.

The best thing to do is to figure out what you want to do, and to figure out which companies have those sorts of jobs. The fact that you're originally from China or wherever doesn't really make any different if you're looking for a job in the US.

What Color Is Your Parachute is well-worth picking up. It helps you figure out what you want to do, and has lots of tips for tapping into the "hidden job market." It helped me out when we relocated to Canada from Japan.

But applying for jobs is sort of a waste of time.
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I work for such a company in Saint Louis... We're looking for someone like you right now.
PM me if you like!
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