Name that font: Old timey postcard edition
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I'm making an old timey invite out of a postcard and would like to try to match the font the best I can. Post card image is here. I'm specifically looking to match the small font in the stamp square / "THIS SPACE FOR ADDRESSES ONLY." font. Can anyone help me identify this font?
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The Parker font on this list looks close-ish. Your postcard was probably hand lettered, though.
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Unfortunately I think those look handwritten, no official font. If you search for 'handwritten sans serif font' you might get close.
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Off of AzraelBrown's suggestion, this ALDI handwritten sans serif free font looks really close.
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Seems to be a lot of variance between same letters, I'm guessing handwritten. However, when choosing a serif handwritten font to replace it, keep in mind the letter forms. They have an almost art-deco style to them. The above posted handwritten font lacks a lot of the signature looks of the writing. The M, A and Rs in particular do not match at all and make the ALDI handwritten serif look very different from the one you posted. At the same time, I'm digging through my fonts here at work and the usual web resources and am not quickly finding anything to match up.

If this were a job order, right about now is when I'd decide whether to settle on a font that's close enough (usually because it's just some generic company sign or card or whatever) or just do it manually.

Oh I just re-read you're doing this for personal invitations. A handwritten serif font will definitely be serviceable enough. It's also a pretty easy to match font in terms of doing it by hand, if you're into that sort of thing.
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Wonderful, thank you all so much!
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