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I have a hazy memory of a comedy sketch that focused on the thoughts of a backing singer as he supports a female singer through a song. In my poor and pock-marked memory, it's Gladys Knight and the Pips singing Midnight Train to Georgia but that might only be because that track prompted this memory and I think I can picture the backing singer making that train whistle pull on the whoo-whoo!

I don't believe it lasted more than ten seconds all in. It's not the Richard Pryor sketch ("And the Pips"). Pretty certain it's not a Dave Chappelle thing. I was thinking cartoon but it doesn't seem to be The Simpsons. I'm also wondering if I dreamed the whole thing.

Help me find a simpler place in time when this existed...?
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There is a Doonsbury strip from way back that had this.

Aaaand, here it is
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Oh my that must be it. That is definitely it. You're a star. I was a huge Doonesbury fan way back when, despite growing up past its heyday and getting into it through the collected strips, so this must have lodged in my mind years and years ago.

Amazing. Seriously, four minutes and you answered the question and somehow discovered the strip in full colour on Flickr. You have won today's internet.
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Since you already have an answer, just as a funny aside, Denzel Washington, in the first Equalizer film, told his working friends he used to be a Pip, and then proceeds to do a bit of Pip choreography right then and there.
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Denzel the Pip.
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