Funny blog from about a decade ago?
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I used to love a blog that I think was called STORYTIME! It was very funny, specific childhood stories, using a lot of (maybe all?) capital letters. Anyone remember it? A few half-remembered details inside.

It was pretty anonymous but I believe it was written by a Canadian guy, maybe named Dave.

I think he lived near Ottawa or Aylmer Quebec- he was definitely English-speaking.

I think most of his stories were from when he was about 8-12, which was in the 1980s- early 1990s.

I think it was on Blogspot, with a plain white style template.

Maybe active around 2005-2007?

There was one little story where he described a project he did about cougars, including something like "What colour is a cougar? Is it brown? No. Is it golden? No. It is TAWNY."

Also stories about school trips, I think one about a tomato factory, and many goofy classroom shenanigans.

I think I remember him deciding to stop blogging, but the site stayed up for a while... maybe it's archived somewhere?
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Best answer: It's TIME FOR SOME STORIES by Dave Secretary. It looks like the website has been taken down! But here's a link from the Wayback Machine.

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Response by poster: YESS!! THANK YOU!!
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Best answer: It was originally posted as a thread to the VivaLaVinyl message board; here's a mirror of the whole thing in its original format.

Special bonus: eight lost stories rescued from a long-defunct Google Reader feed, from that time I tried helping Dave compile them into a book of some kind. See also his (normal caps) missives from living in China.
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Best answer: Oh, God, I remember these stories. SO GOOD!
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Best answer: thanks for asking this. i have occasionally thought about "what color is the cougar" over all these many years. so glad to see it again.
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