What dinner dish should I bring for a beach bonfire?
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I was invited to a small beach bonfire and was asked to bring a "small, easy-to-eat dinner dish". So I am looking for proven ideas and or specific recipes from the crowd.

  • I have access to fresh seafood and vegetables.
  • I have decent cooking skills, so not afraid of prepping ahead of time
  • There will 8-10 people at the festivities
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Veggie kabobs
Yakitori on a stick
Stuffed mushrooms
Chicken wings or drumsticks
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Panzanella is easy to make, and I generally find it a favourite on those kinds of occasions.
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I'm the laziest man in the world, so I make spinach balls when asked for something at a potluck. Mix the stuff together, chill if you've got an extra hour, make into little balls and bake 15 minutes.
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I have enjoyed homemade buns at the beach. The advantage is that they can be held in one hand, and consumed quickly, without the risk of dropping in the sand or having to balance on a plate. Or, they can be pre-sliced so that they can be filled with something before eating. I have also enjoyed gazpacho served in plastic cups.
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Cowboy caviar and a bag of chips.
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Its August which, to me, means you should really be including tomatoes in whatever you make.

This Helen Rosner tomato pound cake from the New Yorker looks awesome and is sufficiently easy to eat so as to be good beach food.
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If I was in the crowd, I'd be happy to come across a platter of chicken thighs. Most any preparation would do for me, but for an outdoor event, I think a traditional southern fried chicken would get the best acceptance, and it's not critical that it be hot.

Biscuits are another possibility. You may or may not want to supply fillings, either of the butter/jam variety, or the meat/cheese variety.
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Little handpies/pirogies are good, because they require minimal dishes for the eaters.
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Lobster rolls. Portable, easy to make and delicious!
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This is the only pasta salad I've ever loved and is infinitely adaptable to whatever veggies you want to highlight (I'd oven-roast some tomatoes in there, per exceptional_hubris's point).
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The tiny kabobs with mozzarella balls and tomatoes and fresh basil.
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Ceviche with tortilla chips.
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Stuffed rolls. If you are shameless and I do mean shameless then the flavor bomb of crispy spam and King's Hawaiian rolls is not to be underestimated.

Here are other roll/bun types that go over a treat:

* runzas or bierocks. I love this stuff and the best recipe I have found for it is from Cook's Country Lost Recipes that uses condensed milk in the dough prep. Everyone who has ever eaten one always loves them. They are fine at room temp.
* the Antipodean sausage roll. Let me say that if you are one of those people that looks forward to social functions where hors 'd oeuvres with names like sausage/pig in a blanket then this is the dish. The super effecient use cheap sausages and store bought puff pastry. But if you want to go artisanal with making your own mince mix and puff then go right ahead. But to be honest, ask caterers about it, on what hot movers pigs in a blanket are on the party circuit.
* If you want to go through the effort, then Vietnamese banh mi is a choice too. You can get all the fixings in a Vietnamese market including all the meats and veg. The only drawback is a Vietnamese bread roll makes a lot of crumbs and you will be wrapping in wax paper which may pose a clean-up problem.

There is an endless stream of handpies both savory and sweet. I am hungry just thinking about it.
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