Source of quote about tourists: "They even bring their own sandwiches"
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I remember reading of somebody, a resident in a traditional rural area, who on observing first visitors in the early years of tourism, reacted with dismay to the visitors' lack of engagement with the local economy. The quote was something like "They even brought their own sandwiches". I'd like to know where that quote is from?

I remembered the quote recently when discussing the problems that tourism can bring to a poor rural region, but would love to know it for sure; it offers such an enlightening perspective on rural attitudes.

It's almost certainly someone and somewhere in the UK, most likely the north of England. Beyond that, I can't pin it down.
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Could it have been from yesterday's Blue?

There seems to be a confluence of different factors, as the wealth inequality (and possible foreign money) drives up home ownership and rent way beyond local incomes, very little community economic activity from tourists (they bring their own food to the beaches, rent from airbnb’s that don’t pay the taxes the hotels do, avoid paid parking lots by parking at the grocery shop and walking to the beach), highway expansion, and a lack of social cohesion. We call the Airbnb’s “party palaces” as they squeeze 20 plus people into a three bedroom cottage and blare music till 3am on the dock “because we are on vacation”, while the neighbour has to get up at 6am to commute into work. Meanwhile, none of the locals can go to the few public access beaches on weekends as daytrippers arrive early and sit cheek to jowl generating a huge amount of garbage they do not pay to dispose of...
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I think this is a common complaint.
"We don't necessarily want people who are coming up for a day, packing a bag with their lunch in it, and not really appreciating the mountain culture that we have."
From "Whistler mayor not keen about day trippers from Lower Mainland", CBC News.
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saucysault : No, this quote is much older than that. I think I read it 20 or more years ago, and it's likely to be from several decades before that.
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I have not found it either, but I wanted to at least say that I definitely remember this too, and have a similar memory of it being about somewhere in rural England.
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It reminds me of the regional term Shoobies, which refers to visitors to the shore who bring their lunch in shoeboxes.
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There's this bit from A Year In Provence, by Peter Mayle, where one of the locals is disparaging German tourists:

"Germans with tents don't buy anything except bread," he said with a sniff of disdain. "You should see their cars - stuffed with German sausage, German beer, tins of sauerkraut. They bring it all with them. Mean? They're real pisse-vinaigres."
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This sounds like it could be from a Bill Bryson book. Let me dig.
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I searched the text of a few of them and didn’t find it, alas.
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