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I got a jean jacket at the thrift store today. Can anyone tell me more about the embroidery on the jacket generally or the patch specifically, which apparently refers to the Vietnam War in Vietnamese?

The best I can figure, it says WCWANGTHAMSAT on the top and PRD KIENHOA on the bottom. Google tells me that tham sat is apparently Vietnamese for "massacre" and Kien Hoa is a province in Vietnam where Operation Coronado V took place and a lot of Viet Cong died. I'm not sure what PRD or WCWANG mean, or if there's any particular context that the scorpion/Soledad part adds. Any ideas?
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I found this.
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Wow. I found this too. What a weird thing to mass produce. If the patch is actually in Vietnamese I'd still be super interested to know what it means.
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And I found this. My guess is the designer for the Gap just found a picture of an old patch and copied it poorly, which does seem weird and gross.
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