Factory Reset Protection Bypass APK for Android - Malware or Legit?
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A co-worker asked me for help with his late wife's Samsung Galaxy S7. He performed a factory reset in preparation for claiming the phone for his own use, but Android's Factory Reset Protection doesn't like the Google password that he's tried. I researched a possible solution, but it feels sketchy to me, and I'd like some second opinions.

I have a co-worker who lost his wife to cancer last year. A month before, he had bought her a Galaxy S7 from StraightTalk. He now wants to use the phone for himself, but after factory reset, he found himself locked down by Android's Factory Reset Protection. He enters what he thinks is the google account and password only to get a "Device Not Found" error.

We looked into possible solutions and we've found a few separate tutorials that start with installing realterm on a PC to send some serial commands over USB with the end goal of installing an APK that'll bypass the FRP.

Now my gut is giving me a bad feeling about the process, because this has a striking resemblance to countless other trojan horse malware file installation schemes that I've seen in 23 years of internetting. But on the flip side, so have dozens of other perfectly innocent things I've done with my own phones over the years.

So, is there a trusted source for an FRP Bypass APK, or would it just be better to follow the advice that a different tutorial gave and try to flash some stock firmware?
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If the goal here is not to retrieve data and just get the phone back to original condition, then I think it would be quicker to flash the stock firmware. Otherwise, you might do better asking over at XDA forums.
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In the end, stock firmware by itself didn't get me there. What I finally ended up doing here involved flashing a developer's bootloader that was set up to enable ADB from the start, using ADB to launch the part of settings where you can add a new google account, then using that password to unlock the FRP. Removed that google account and all others, did another factory reset, and then finally flashed stock firmware to purge the developer's bootloader.
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