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The Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights is based in Pittsburgh, PA. It seems to have shut down, though I can find no active link to anything about it currently. It's last FB post was February 2017. Will someone find an active link that gives an update of its status?
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The last page recorded by archive.org include this statement —

The Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights has suspended operations

After some 30 years, the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights (formerly National Labor Committee) is closing its doors.

Our small organization has played a key role in exposing working conditions and human rights violations suffered by workers producing for U.S. and European multinational companies. We have accompanied and provided international visibility for workers in Central America, Bangladesh, Jordan, China and other developing countries as they organized and stood up for their rights.

Now there are others doing this work. It is time for Charlie to retire. After a lot of thought and careful assessment, our conclusion is that given the current political context it is time for us to let the Institute go.

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