Tonight the super trouper lights are gonna find me
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I'm trying to track down dresses that are similar (or exact!) to the ones worn by the "Young Dynamos" at the end of Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again (during Super Trouper). Image here. They silky/satin-y white dresses that hit about mid-thigh, have a white tie belt of the same material, and have images of a purple fox (Tanya), blue owl (Donna), and yellow hedgehog (Rosie). It's possible that they are shirts or nightshirts that are being used as dresses. As a bonus, we want the boots, too, but they seem easier to find so I'm mostly looking to find the dresses. Thanks hive mind!
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You might already know this, they're inspired by dresses worn by ABBA, designed by Owe Sandstorm, especially his cat dresses, and some of the wildlife dresses he designed for them. Searching for ABBA costumes might bring up copies.
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Helga-woo, thank you! I feel dumb because I had no idea and it never occurred to me. So now I have somewhere to start. :)
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Most of them are lingerie, but doing an image search for "white satin babydoll dress" brings up some options for ones that go up to the neck.
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It's basically a silky t-shirt with a belt - here's a lady who's done a hack -

Hers is just plain white, perhaps you could paint on the designs yourself?
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