Broken Bracelet
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My wife has a bracelet she got from a art/craft show in Chicago last summer. Unfortunately the clasp broke the other day, so now we're trying to figure out who the vendor was so she can replace it.

We know the vendor sells on Etsy, but can't remember the name, and are having a hard time coming up with search terms that return anything similar. The show was pretty small, I'm 99% sure it was located here, and it was the weekend of July 8, 2017. I'm also having a hard time trying to find a list of events from last summer. Any help in tracking down the artist who made this is greatly appreciated.
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That broken clasp looks like a stem has just pulled out. I'd expect a tiny dab of JB Weld to be able to hold that back in without any trouble at all.
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flabdablet's comment just made me go back and look closer at the bracelet and it's actually the wire/string/whatever everything is threaded through that is broken. Is this something we could just take to a jeweler or someone to re-string?
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Yes, that can be repaired by a jeweler.
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From the location and date information, it looks like it might have been the Millennium Art Fair, which is an annual fair managed by Amy Amdur. However, that's hardly a small show with 100+ artists. Having visited more art fairs in the Chicago area than I can possibly count, I must say the artist doesn't look familiar to me nor did it seem to me that it matched the style of any of the jewelers showing at the 2018 Millennium fair. If none of the artists on the linked page seem like the one, you might check the other Amdur shows as she tends to attract a fairly consistent group of artists, many of whom exhibit at more than one of her shows. Good luck!
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Did you pay be check or credit card? in which case, look through old statements.
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I wouldn't bother tracking down the seller, it does appear to just need re-stringing. Do you have a craftsy friend? Someone who can name three Michael's locations in a 20-mile radius? I'd ask that person to take a look at it. The only mildly tricky part would be the end crimp, which is the part that has failed, as near as I can tell.
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If you can find a store that just sells beads, they often do repairs like this. The bracelet looks like base metal and a jeweler may or may not be set up to fix something like that.
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Yup, look up your local Beazu or Beadworks and have them take a look at it. It is strung on tiger tail or something similar - basically nylon coated multi-stand steel wire. If the clasp needs to be replaced completely and the wire has broken, it will need to be restrung. They might suggest a different clasp too. This clasp looks like a box and tab clasp IMHO. Good luck!
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Yeah, guess it must have been the Millennium Art Fair, but maybe we only walked through a small section of it. Searching back through the credit card transactions though was key, and I found the vendor and Etsy shop. That being said, I think I'll try the local bead store or jeweler first. Thanks everyone!
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