Halfway meeting point between Twin Cities and Fargo?
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We're going to be visiting some friends in the Twin Cities, and my brother and his family recently moved to Fargo, ND. Is there a good halfway meeting point between Minneapolis and Fargo?

Bonus information: we all like beer, wandering around picturesque downtown areas, nice parks. A hiking/picnic/lake resort type of thing would also work. My brother has three kids age seven and under, so a family friendly brewery plus a park in some kind of scenic waterside town would be the ideal. None of us have any familiarity with the area, so apologies if there is an obvious answer I'm overlooking from a cursory scroll through google maps!
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Alexandria, MN is our default half-way point. I'm pretty sure they have what you're looking for (we usually just grab a bite to eat then move on).

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Alexandria, Minnesota.

Copper Trail Brewing

City Park, located on Lake Henry
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If you like wacky history, stop in and marvel at the runestone. Also, there are some good antique shops downtown (although it's been a while since I've been).
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St. Cloud is another option.

Beaver Island Brewing

Quarry Park and Nature Reserve
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Either Alexandria or St Cloud could work. St Cloud is quite a bit bigger and feels a bit more like a (very) small city whereas Alex is more of a small town.
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