Gimme dem beats! I need similar music to Todrick Hall, Dem Beats.
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I am completely obsessed with the Todrick Hall song, Dem Beats (see 52 sec). It literally has my booty shaking anytime I listen to it. Give me some suggestions for fun, sexy music with that bpm and I'm yours.
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Immediately made me think of Alealia Banks - 212. A more punched-up version with a slightly faster BPM is in the mashup from the intro credits for the movie Pitch Perfect at about 28 sec. in, but it's far too short. You could check out other remixes as well. There's another track making me crazy that I can't quite place right now but if it comes to me I'll post later too.

Edit: Super NSFW
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*Azealia, please excuse typo!
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kpop with a similar beat: Blackpink, As if its your last, or Momoland Bboom Bboom
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How about X with U?
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Thanks all! These are great!
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