Changing calendar availability on Outlook 2011 for Mac
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Hi there! I'm using Outlook 2011 for Mac*. I've set up a couple series of meetings for my team that I only attend based on my availability. I would like the time to appear as busy on everyone else's calendar but free on my own. Is there a way to do this?

*This is the calendar I must use at work, so answers suggesting different software or upgrades won't apply
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Not sure if this will be relevant, since I'm on PC. But to do this for my own meetings, I send the meeting as usual, which makes it appear as "busy" for everyone. Then I manually change it for myself by clicking on the meeting on my calendar, selecting "series" from the pop-up, and then changing to "free." That changes the meeting to free for me personally but doesn't affect it on any other calendars.

You could test it first with one willing person and a fake meeting series.
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I am on a Mac and do exactly what invinciblesummer described on a daily basis.
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This method doesn't work for me, as "Save" is greyed out.
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