Another smell question: cat poo edition
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The mighty and most beleaguered BunnyCat had to endure an emergency enema today to address a major blockage in her poor colob. This had led to extreme explosive poo and lots of sad. I am doing my best to catch up with her when she leaks/smears/can't help but leave behind a mess, but I am struggling. Please help me try to keep our little apartment mostly poo free.

Cat tax.

Bunny had explosive sludge poo on her way home from the vet (a good thing! Poo was not expected! Blockage was terrible!) Unfortunately she escaped while I was trying to clean her fur in the tub and still has thick AND watery poo on her body and popo, which means that whenever she sits somewhere she leaks.

I have sacrificed all towels towards making her nests since she's still in shock/pain/etc and needs soft places to hide. Periodically though she goes to uncovered carpeted areas and I don't want to keep picking her up so I can put yet another towel under her bottom.

But my god is she stinky. I am in need of two things:

1) a means of gently cleaning her tuchus whenever I can that doesn't involve me putting her back in the bathtub to try and gingerly wash her off

2) a means of spot cleaning the stinkiest leakage spots (which are becoming increasingly invisible as her sludge turns to liquid)

We are truly the unhappiest of campers. I have pee pads en route thanks to Amazon and will try to cover all carpeted areas with them, though she will probably try to dig them up.

:( :( :( :( On the plus side the weed issue from my previous ask has been resolved courtesy of my stalwart landlady so I am not dealing with weed AND the weirdest smelling poo ever.

But still. :(

Thank you.
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You need to lock her in the bathroom, with nesting towels you've laundered or purchased new.
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1: Unscented wet wipes, the kind for sensitive babies. Get a big box and use liberally.
2: Lysol wipes or similar.

In conclusion: wipes, wipes, wipes.
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This would be definitely poor-thing-hangs-out-in-the-bathroom with so many towels and toys and nice things time for me

For the tuchus issue- sensitive skin unscented baby wipes is what I would use. These are basically type same thing as what they marked as pet wipes.

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A cat with IBS issues is basically why I own one of these. Not a cheap solution precisely, but it really works quite well and I've had plenty of other occasions since getting it to be thankful I had it.

But yeah, I'd shut her in the bathroom if this is temporary. She will eventually forgive you.
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Shut in bathroom, clean with pet wipes, you can put down puppy pads and make a towel nest that you replace with fresh towels every so often.
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Urine-off also works to get rid of any lingering biological stuff that might lead to her thinking messed areas are places to go in future, and it takes away any smells we can smell plus the ones she can. Good luck!
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Locked her in bathroom for 3 hours, then had to let her out because she hurt herself again on something. Tried to clean her bottom with soft toilet paper and a little water but she's still not having it. IDK what to do. The droppings have decreased. At this point I just need her to be comfortable so she can start to ease back into cleaning herself. This has been such a nightmare.
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Honestly, if she were mine she'd be locked back in the bathroom as fast as I could possibly manage it, along with copious towels to dig up and nest in, and if she hurt herself I'd feel terrible and leave her in there.

She's a cat, she's smart enough not to hurt herself the same way twice, and once she knows she can't get out and has to make the best of it, she will calm down even if it takes more than three hours for the piteous yowling to stop.

Piteous yowling cleans up a lot faster than cat shit.
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You could conceivably lock her in some other enclosed (preferably non-carpeted) room, but yeah, she really does need to be restrained because of what LyzzyBee suggests - if they have an accident in one area, cats will sometimes go back to that area repeatedly.
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Did the vet send kitty home with after-care instructions? Frankly, I am astonished that the vet would let her go home with such a severe blockage that the enema is still causing poo leaks. I think you really need to call the vet for advice. Continue with confinement, and towel nests in the mean time.
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Can/should the vet offer some medication to chill poor kitty out while you take care of business?
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No. Not for three hours. Until she is no longer leaking.

I understand she's upset. So are you. Life is traumatic.
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Kitty no longer leaking! Kitty is purring and wanting pets but still won't let me touch her bottom. Will try again once kitty wipes arrive.

Vet did not send aftercare instructions, the jerks, so I called and they said start feeding her canned pumpkin as soon as possible. IDK if that is really sound advice, this is all starting to feel pretty hinky. What are your thoughts?

Also, when I say hurt herself, I mean she literally cut part of her face open trying to get the bathroom door open, and I fundamentally cannot keep her in there anymore. The only way she will go back is if the pooing restarts and only if I am able to cover the parts of the door that she cut herself on with soft towels without blocking the airflow to the room.
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For future reference, to me this would definitely be a situation where kitty needs to recover in a crate, big rubbermaid tub with a breathable barrier on top, or even just stay in the cat carrier for a few hours if you don't have a crate.
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The canned pumpkin may be viable. When we had dogs with upset tummies, our vet suggested pureed pumpkin. It has just enough fiber to absorb water and help things, um, hold together. You want plain pumpkin puree, NOT canned pumpkin pie filling. Probably just a tiny bit for your kitty.

Sick fur babies are so hard. Hope your love is better soon.
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Yes, the canned pumpkin is a standard veterinary protocol for cats.

If she's no longer leaking but is still covered in poop, I'd... bathe her. Wearing armour, obviously.

Glad she's recovering!
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Glad to hear she's feeling somewhat better. I'm enough of an over-committed cat person that (given the situation you describe) if it reoccurs, I would try to set up a comfortable-enough space in the bathroom that I could hang out there with the cat (and a book or maybe video on a tablet) until she felt calm enough not to self-injure while trying to escape.

Best wishes. May you get past this part and to the point where it's fodder for amusing stories later.
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For the aftermath, I cannot recommend Spot Shot highly enough. My carpet would be a complete disaster without it. My preferred method is to spray it generously on a spot, let it soak in for an hour or two (it says 15 minutes, but personally I find a longer soaking time to be optimal) and then clean with damp paper towels. Repeat if needed. I had a cat with IBS and pancreatitis, and now have 4 cats who barf a lot. This stuff gets out stains that are new OR old, so if you find a spot but you can’t clean it up right then, spray it on and clean up when you get home. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve found someone’s biohazard just as I was heading out to go to work, and Spot Shot still gets everything out without a huge amount of elbow grease.

Look for the blue can with the orange lid, in the carpet-cleaning/Resolve section in Target.
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