Where to rent an Electric Piano in Oregon
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Looking to find an electric piano for rent which can be picked up in Portland or Eugene and brought out to MacKenzie Bridge for a weekend. Not local and having trouble finding leads.

Hello all!

I'm getting married in a little under a year in MacKenzie Bridge, Oregon (about an hour outside of Eugene, about two hours from Portland and an hour+ from Bend). My fiancée has friends and family out there, but we both live in NY, and we'd like my brother (a composer and pianist) and his son (a very talented Saxophonist) to play at our wedding.

The trouble is, none of my brothers pianos would make the trip very well, and it seems like it'd be simpler and cheaper to rent one in the area, but I'm having a hell of a time finding one for rent.Any musicians in the Eugene or Portland areas have any ideas or leads here?

Thank you much!
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Are you searching using the term "electric piano"? Because that refers to a specific type of vintage instrument. What you're probably looking for is called a "digital piano." Guitar Center will probably rent you one - it looks like they have locations in both Eugene and Portland.
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"Backline" is the search term you want to use. Covers rental of all sorts of instruments & musical equipment.

SIR (Studio Instrument Rental) is a national chain - link is to their Portland office page. They are not the cheapest, but they do have a lot of gear. Hopefully a Portland native can chime in with other suggestions.
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My brother and his wife rented some equipment from Windsmith Instruments in Philomath, Oregon for their wedding several years ago and had a great experience (i.e. it was very affordable). Philomath is adjacent to Corvallis, about an hour north of Eugene. Someone driving to the wedding from Portland could pick up you rental for you.

Or, yeah, there's a Guitar Center in Eugene and they they def do rentals, although I'm not sure what their pricing's like.
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