Where to find grants and foundations for a non-profit literary journal?
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Are there any specific grants and foundations that offer a reward towards non-profit literary journals and literary magazines in Texas and US in general? (Some are listed as art organizations, but not always).
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You might get started at the Foundation Center, https://foundationcenter.org/.
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Foundation Center is where to start. The go to guide star and look at their 990s to see what they actually fund. Most public libraries have subscriptions to Foundation Center so just go ask a librarian (another “libraries are so much more than books!” Thing!)
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I prefer GrantStation.com to Foundation Center. The GrantStation information is updated yearly and I never get outdated information.
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I just saw your other question about this project today, and I want to add a recommendation for Philanthropy News Digest, which updates daily with new requests for proposals (RFPs) for all kinds of grants. You can set up a daily or weekly email digest of specific grant types, including arts/culture grants. I'm a grantwriter and I subscribe to a daily alert from them myself!
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