Can I find out when this contact was added to my phone?
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I have a contact saved on my phone. I have no memory of adding it. The phone is a Nokia 1800 which only shows the contact name and number. The contact is saved to the sim card, not the phone. Is there any way of finding out when the number was saved?
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I looked for info about sim card forensics, and while there is a file system, I was unable to find references to any modification or creation date being stored along with info. For example, the most raw screenshot i found was
and eg another software suite, Sim Card Seizure, also seemed not to have any sort of dates for contacts.

The most technical reference I could find for the file system itself did not suggest date metadata is kept ( HOWEVER, I imagine contacts are not sorted and re-saved each time a new one is added — perhaps they are appended to a list or stored in some linear-like usage of the card’s bitspace. SO, you might have a chance if you can settle for knowing which contacts you added before and after the number.

I don’t know what SIM forensic software costs, but you could call up your local data recovery shop; they might tell you their capabilities for free or might charge $100 to give it a try on your card.
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