Weather app with dew point forecasts?
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Is there a weather app for iOS that provides an hour-by-hour dew point forecasts?

I'm basically looking for a weather app that shows the green line on this NOAA chart, which is the dew point*. Most if not all weather apps (such as Wunderground which I otherwise love) do this for temperature, but in the humid subtropical/continental climates I live in and often travel to, I always want to know the dew point. The NOAA page works fine in a pinch for US locations, but it's not mobile-optimized and obviously doesn't provide this information for non-US locations.

*The superior measurement of humidity compared to % humidity
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Darksky does that.
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JayRwv: I see in DarkSky's notes on the app store that it's "available in the US, UK and Ireland" -- does this mean that it doesn't provide forecasts for non-US/UK/Irish locations? I'd download to test myself but don't want to spend $4 if it doesn't provide this functionality.

I should have specified in my OP -- this app needs to provide this information for worldwide locations (within reason, I expect major cities to have this info but maybe not small rural stations)
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Weatherbug does it. I don't know how accurate the international stuff is (I am in the US) but I just pulled up Singapore and it had data. On the hourly tab you click on the drop down arrow next to the day, and it expands out the basic 4 categories (time, temp, cloudy, precip) into 8 (adding humidity, feels like, wind direction and speed, and dew point). It's free.
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andrewesque: Dark Sky is also, which seems to handle non-US locations, so I'd say there's a good chance.
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Weather Underground also has dew point. I don't think you need it hour by hour per se, because the dew point really doesn't change much unless there is a major system blowing in.
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The Darksky app has % humidity, not dew point :(
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> halfsquaretriangle: "The Darksky app has % humidity, not dew point :("

The Dark Sky app definitely has dew point. Try taking your finger on that row of data types (temp, feels like, etc.) and moving it.
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