Please recommend a good VGA to HDMI adapter
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I'm looking to connect a Lenovo ThinkPad T410 to an Insignia LED TV (NS-40D510NA17/NS-40D510MX17). The TV has HDMI ports (along with standard AV inputs), but the laptop only has a VGA port and a headphone jack. Thanks!

If it is a better option to go VGA to AV/RCA inputs, that would be good to know too.
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Use a chromecast to 'cast' a web page to the tv over wifi.
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Are you sure your T410 doesn't have DisplayPort? If it does, your best option is to go from DisplayPort to HDMI.
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And if it does, I have used both Lenovo and Monoprice branded DisplayPort to HDMI adaptors with my Lenovos, though I've not played anything that's had had any kind of HDCP DRM.
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You can pick up a used thinkpad dock on ebay for about $10. That will get you a DisplayPort and a DVI output, either of which can be used with a x-to-HDMI cable. This will get you much higher quality video than a vga adapter.
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It has DisplayPort. It says so on the spec sheet.
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Nthing to use a DisplayPort adapter instead; it'll be cheaper and give a higher-quality output. Here is a diagram that shows where the DisplayPort should be on your laptop.
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You don't need a separate adapter. Just get a cable with a DisplayPort connector on one end and HDMI on the other end. There is no signal conversion involved. It's just a wired connection.
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Thank you everyone!
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Just a follow up: I was somehow assuming that a Display Port Adaptor would also convey audio - my mistake. One also needs a separate AV cable to get the audio to the TV.

I should have been more specific with my question.
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