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I need to buy a new scientific calculator (a physical one, not a phone app). I stumbled upon Numworks, which seems great. I now wonder if there are other interesting innovative calculators from smaller companies that I have never heard of.

I'm primarily interested in recent models. For me, big calculator companies are TI, Casio, HP and Sharp (which I know are vastly different orders of big), so I'm interested in scientific calculators that are not by these companies, and that offer something unique.

I don't need a graphing calculator. One feature that the calculator must have is that it supports and displays fractions/roots, so that you can enter 2/3 + 1/6 and the answer is 5/6 or sqrt(5)*sqrt(10) and the answer is 5*sqrt(2).
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Swiss micros makes clones of classic HP scientific and financial calculators from the 80s.
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the SwissMicros calculators look great, but I'm pretty sure none of their models support symbolic manipulation, so you can't "2/3 + 1/6 and the answer is 5/6". I'd be super happy if they did a HP-48 or HP-28 model (which have this functionality).
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I do need symbolic manipulation (thanks for the correct term), which is sad, because those SwissMicros calculators look great indeed. Now I find myself looking for a reason to also need a credit-card sized scientific calculator (that supports matrix calculations and numerical integration!)...
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I don't have any answers to your question, but I'd never heard of the Numworks calculator before and now I'm kind of fascinated by it. So thanks for mentioning it.

Since it has an open SDK and Python, it's possible that it already does what you need it to do, or that someone will add the functionality.
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