Pool Sand Filter Woes
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The lateral pipes in the sand filter for my inground swimming pool broke; pool has quite a bit of sand on the bottom. I'm just about finished repairing the sand filter but need a trategy for removing the sand in the pool.

I've read recommendations that I remove the sand by vacuuming to waste. I probably won't be able to get all of it as some sand disperses in the water when I get a brush anywhere near it. Once I get the bulk of it out, can I just filter it out like any dirt in the water? If anyone has had this happen, do you have any recommendations to get the sand out without any of it getting inside the lateral pipes?
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Do you have a pool robot with its own filter? Our robot is pretty good at picking up dead algae and dust and sand.
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Pool robot, a good one with a fine mesh filter for some of it, clean cartridge in the pump housing to get the rest of it as the water circulates. It may take a couple cycles. Some of the finest sediment may hang around for quite a while.
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Do pool robots work on an incline?
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The pool robot I used to babysit for a college job wandered all around the pool, including the vertical sides.
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do you have any recommendations to get the sand out without any of it getting inside the lateral pipes?

Just vacuum it. Not even to waste, just using the normal filtration cycle. The laterals in a sand filter are downstream from the filter sand, so all that's going to happen when the vacuumed sand returns to the filter is that it adds to the bulk of the sand that's already in there by design; it won't block the laterals.
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The only way you'd block laterals is by vacuuming and backwashing at the same time, and even then they'd most likely unblock as soon as you switched from backwash to rinse.
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