Digital Asset Management system for a small marketing deparmtnet?
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Hello, I've been tasked with launching a digital asset management system for our company. The scope would be about 8-12 employees across multiple departments working with photos, videos, and Adobe content.

We currently use Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams and Dropbox for Business, but neither of those have what we're looking for.

The requirements are as follows:
1) Able to batch ingest and catalog many thousands of images, videos, adobe files
2) Easy sharing/file permission (AD integration would be amazing, but at least AD Sync)

Wishlist over and above
1) Dropbox integration
2) Some sort of API options for website integration
3) Adobe CC integration
4) OCR or some other type of image recognition for batch uploads

We're open to on-prem or hybrid, but I'm a bit nervous about having everything in the cloud.
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Adobe Digital Asset Management seems like it would be right up your alley.
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What's your budget?
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Response by poster: Budget is... fluid. We currently spend about $2000 a month between Dropbox and Adobe CC. I would say $10,000 all-in would be a good number. Up front vs. subscription/support is unimportant.

I looked at the Adobe DAM, but it is kind of more than we need. I'm not super interested in all the downstream, customer facing stuff. Also, they're very tight-lipped about pricing... which makes me think I wouldn't like it.
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