Why do I feel nauseated after sitting at my computer?
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Why do I feel nauseated after sitting at my computer?

I've just come back from vacation and spent several hours today going through email, RSS, etc -- and now don't feel so hot. Why do I feel a bit nauseated after working on the computer?

I've got a LCD screen with high refresh rate. Is it the sitting part? Is it the screen? Because I am mostly reading? Because I've not been in front of a computer in a week? Something unrelated entirely?
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If it's not a problem you have frequently, then why assume it's the computer? Unless you get it everytime you sit at the computer for a few hours, that is.

Also, I'm fairly certain refresh rate is meaningless for LCDs. LCD monitors do not refresh, the pixels are either lit or they aren't.
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How is your vision? After having a similar problem, I had my vision checked and determined that I needed a new pair of glasses.
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Yeah, refresh rate for LCDs is just the maximum rate the pixels can be changed at. It's not like on a CRT where they actually flicker at that rate.
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It could just be a natural adjustment for you, after having come back from vacation. You should just attempt to ease back into it -- take lots of breaks.

But check your vision, definitely. After every monitor appeared out of sync for me for a few days, I was diagnosed with a central serous retinopathy -- a blister on the retina.
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I tend to hold my breath or breathe shallowly at the computer, which might have that effect.
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Have you been reading MetaTalk?
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Post hoc ergo proctor hoc -- After, therefore because of.

You might have been coming down with something at the time you were working on the computer.
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Ditto on the vision.
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I get motion sickenss if I read too much at my computer without taking eye-breaks. My eyes will actually begin to move back and forth on their own. The effect can be disconcerting, and has at times made me feel nauseus.
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Check the video refresh rate. If the battery that maintains the CMOS settings has run down, the power may have dropped too low when the computer was off during your vacation to hold the refresh rate setting, letting it drop back to 60 Hz. If that's what happened, reset the refresh and replace the battery.
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