Where can I store my luggage in Berlin?
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On Saturday I’ll fly from Berlin to Australia with a large suitcase - I need somewhere to store it between approx 9 am and 7pm. I can’t store it at my accommodation and don’t have any friends who can help in Berlin. Do you know of luggage lockers or a luggage storage service in Berlin? Should ideally be accessible by public transport or cheap taxi (from Reinickendorf) Thank you!!
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Often you can leave luggage in a hotel (even if you aren't staying there) for a few Euro. Just google hotels near Reinickendorf and ask them if you can leave luggage and how much it costs?
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Best answer: https://www.berlin.de/en/tourism/travel-information/1738016-2862820-lockers-leftluggage-office.en.html

Looks like Gesundbrunnen might be your closest one.
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Best answer: Can probably check in with baggage in the morning if the airport is not too far out of the way.
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If you do leave it in lockers at a train station (I only know there is definitely lockers at Alexanderplatz) bring plenty of 1 and 2 euro coins, it will probably be 8€ a day for a large locker (and they aren't massive)
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Yes... What Sammyo mentioned is also a great idea. Depending on the airline (and you need to check first) you might be able to drop your baggage (if you are checked in) well before your flight.
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Response by poster: Thank you!
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Don’t count on checking in early at TXL airport. We were there last week and couldn’t check in until an hour before our flight. It’s decentralized, with check-in close to the gates for each flight, rather than a large counter - or at least that’s how it worked for some flights / airlines.
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