Bed bugs (yet again) but in a large, bizarre pattern?
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I have suspected bed bugs for awhile; based on the type of bites and patterns. But I just noticed a completely different pattern/series of bites on my rear thigh I have never seen before.

9 horizontal "rows", approx 2" each; almost parallel to each other. At first glance, looks almost like big scratches. I know the standard 2,3 bites in a row; but this is 15 or so, closely spaced, each "row". Many bugs all of a sudden? Looks like an army crossing my leg. I don't remember feeling anything; just noticed the marks in the mirror. Never seen photos, or heard of anything like this.
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It sounds like you're talking about upwards of 100 marks in a small area? That seems unlikely to actually be bedbug bites, especially all of the sudden.

When I had bedbugs, I had weird skin issues for a long time after. Hives, phantom bites, all kinds of psychosomatic skin reactions that sometimes really looked like bites with pinpricks in the center. Maybe it's something like that?
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Bites that look like scratches might be scabies.
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If you pull the sheets off the mattress, are there any marks on the top of it, the underside, or the bed frame that look a bit like someone made dots on it with a black or very dark red pen? Those are bed bug droppings. If you've been bitten by bed bugs overnight in this bed for a while, there is almost certainly bed bug poop on it.

Your body could be reacting increasingly badly to bedbug bites - or you could be reacting to something else entirely. Bodies are weird and can get itchy rashes for lots of reasons.
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I occasionally get weird patterns/formations of what look like initially look like bug bites but turn out to be scratches (from broken furniture or fences, scraggly bushes, my cats, etc.), burns from cooking, or other non-bug sources. I often don’t remember what caused the injury, but a few hours later the redness and puffiness go down and I think, oh, that’s from the couch with the broken spring. If it’s nonbuggy in origin, it’s likely to look different later today.

Probably time to take that possible bedbug infestation seriously, though.
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So, bedbugs multiply exponentially. They are evil. They are also large enough too see provided you know what you are looking for, and have pretty distinctive marks they leave behind.

If you fear bedbugs, you need to get that sorted. If there is something else going on, any qualified extermination will be able to tell you that as well.
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