What splitter cable for Apple earbuds AND speakers into a MacBook?
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I have a Macbook. For Skype I use Apple earbuds. For music I have speakers with a normal 3.5mm jack. I'd like a splitter cable that lets me plug both the speakers AND the earbuds into the MacBook's headphone/mic socket at once, so I'm not forever swapping them. What splitter do I need? Most seem to split the cable into separate mic + phones.
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I suspect you want something like this TRRS splitter. You want to make sure that you have a TRRS (not TRS) splitter so it will pass the additional mic signal from the earbuds. I'm not 100% sure that this will work, though -- if the computer tries to sense whether there is a microphone attached to the port, the splitter might confuse it.
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The only other option I can think of is connecting your speakers through bluetooth audio to your macbook, while directing your communications stuff through your headphones. I do this in windows 10 but I'm not positive how hard it is to do on a macbook. On a google, it looks like it is possible.

Another option would be to use a usb sound card to add another 3.5mm jack to your pc. I've done this before, again with PC, and it worked great.
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If you have them both on the same socket at the same time, won't your Skype calls go through both your ear buds AND your speakers, creating a background echo?
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What uncleozzy said, but I've personally found it's often a lot easier to just use a simple USB audio interface for situations like this. They're ~$10 and typically plug-and-play with MacOS. They usually have separate mic/speaker outputs though instead of a TRRS jack so you'd want to use that for the speakers, not the earbuds. (btw, you can easily change audio interfaces in MacOS by option+clicking the volume icon in the menu bar.)

This would also avoid the situation jillithd refers to.
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A simple TRRS splitter probably wouldn't work because the TRS plug on the speakers would short the mic ring to the sleeve, causing the mic to not work. A breakout adapter like this one would do the job - it has two TRRS jacks and a normal TRS jack. Plug the speakers into the TRS jack and the headset into one of the TRRS ones. But I have a feeling that neckro23's suggestion above of using a small USB audio interface would work the best.
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Rogue Amoeba's Airfoil software (free trial, US$29). This lets you automatically assign audio input and output by application (including "system default").
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