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Can you recommend some wig vendors with inexpensive pixie haircut wigs that are either human hair or look natural?

Very short version: I am disabled. I am getting worse. I am anonymous because I'm in a youth-oriented industry (I am a content provider, not an end-user) and I don't want my boss to find out I am disabled.

So, I finally shaved my head and decided to wear wigs because I can't physically style my hair anymore. I am a pallid, overweight white woman. I don't look good in anything besides a pixie.

I have found some wigs at, which are human hair and a low price point. They look great, but my choices there are limited because I don't want to go around sporting a texture or style of hair appropriatively.

I have not found a great source of price-conscious wigs for a basic, fat, white woman that are either human hair or look semi-natural. I'm not in the office every day, but I do have to make public appearances every so often and people take many photographs.

Do any of you have any suggestions? Halloween wigs need not apply. Also do not need ADA advice. It is an unusual industry, and it will not apply.
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My wig experience is 100% from friends who style them for their own and other drag queens, but the advice I always see is to get wigs and have them styled (if you can't style them yourself). So maybe see if there's a stylist in your area who specializes in wigs, and then ask them what they'd recommend and how they can shape it to your face and the look you're going for? I think "fresh out of the bag" wigs are the ones that people tend to see as really "wiggy."
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The Wig Company is great....check out the outlet. Here
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I went through chemo last year and lost all my hair. My longtime hair stylist cut and styled two wigs for me, and people seriously could not tell they were wigs. I got so many compliments on "my hair." Both were short hairstyles. I ordered mine from
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Hi there. I have trichotillomania and buy my short wigs from They have a massive selection and regularly have sales. They sell Ellen Wille and Jon Renau - both manufacture very realistic, comfortable, affordable synthetic wigs. Feel free to memail me for specific recs.
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I have found some wigs at, which are human hair and a low price point. They look great, but my choices there are limited because I don't want to go around sporting a texture or style of hair appropriatively.

I just want to assuage your worries about this a little. I checked out the link and most of the pixie-length human hair wigs on that site would be perfectly acceptable/unremarkable on a white person.
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I have thinning hair and have tried different wigs over the years, but usually just returned to dealing with my thinning hair... and then I found this pixie on that isn't real hair, but convinced me - and all my clients, whom I wanted to view me professionally. It really does an amazing job! I noticed how much more my clients actually listened to me when I wore it - so I bought 3 of them to rotate in future. It doesn't seem to come in any other colour, but this med/dark brown works for me. I don't know if it will work for you, but it's a winner!
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The wigs on look good, in the photos. Many of them would work just fine on a white person. Check out any reviews you can find, though.

Drag queen pro tip: If you want a wig that doesn't read as a wig, bangs will save you a lot of fuss. Even a cheap Halloween wig can look OK, if it has bangs. The hairline is the number one thing that gives most wigs away, and with bangs there isn't any hairline. If you want a realistic hairline you'll need a more expensive wig, but if you go for a pixie cut with bangs you can probably find something realistic for a lot less. Something like this could be good, in a shade matching your natural hair color. (Matching your natural hair color is another very important aspect of making a wig look natural. If you can find something really close, it will be a good match for your skin tone, eyebrows, etc.)
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I have several wigs from They constantly run sales. I would highly urge to not go for cheapest. You definitely get what you pay for.

I admit to not taking perfect care of my synthetic wigs yet people are constantly shocked at how good they look. I used to fuss with adhesives but after not having it blow off in a plane tarmac, I think they stay in pretty good.

Get some cotton wig liners, trim to fit your head, and you can go a lot longer between washings.

If you have any questions at all or would like to see my instagram which has plenty of pics of my “tossed into the bedside stand at night” wigs, please feel free to me mail me.

I was nervous for about the first month or so but have felt so free ever since. And yes it’s a hell of a lot easier to do any kind of self care when you don’t have to wash and style and fuss with bio hair.

Edit: by the way, it will feel/look wiggy to YOU at first but no one expects a wig....they expect hair and that’s what they’ll see. “Oh I love your hair color!” And you smile and say thanks. I’ve asked some very trusted friends in person and they assured me that they would have had no idea it was not mine.

Edit edit: human hair wigs are very expensive and require a lot more care. Nice synthetic lace front with a mono top with look so real. It’s what I have.

(No more updates hehe)
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