Trouble getting sound over Bluetooth from phone to car
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My new phone is a Sony XZ2 Compact. My car stereo is a Pioneer DEH-X7800DAB. My previous phone, a Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, connected and played music flawlessly. My new phone does not. It does connect, and the track names etc show up in the stereo's display, but I don't get any audio. The phone does however work as expected with my other car, a Renault Zoe with the factory integrated Bose stereo. I've tried restarting the phone, but I don't know what else to try. Any ideas?
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Check your car’s bt pairing menu. The phone will pair fine for calls, but you may have to enable the music/media streaming option manually.
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Okay, this is really silly, but I’ve done it more than once - is the volume muted on your phone? It shouldn’t make a difference, but I’ve had my volume turned almost all the way down and couldn’t figure out why the music wasn’t playing in my car when it said it was playing.
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I have had this problem, even after successfully pairing the phone and listening to music without problems earlier in the day. I was able to fix this by deleting the devices that aren’t playing nicely from both devices and starting from the scratch.
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I've resolved pairing issues by deleting all devices from the car BT menu and re-pairing.
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I'm not having much luck with this. Despite the phone being able to connect to other BT devices, and the car stereo being receptive to other Android phones. Tried clearing the stereo's memory to no avail.
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Relevant XKCD.
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I stumbled upon a solution here! When connected, I went into the BT connection details on the phone. There are IIRC three different types of information sharing. One of them was "Media sound". It was already enabled, but when I switched it off and on again sound appeared! And it has connected properly ever since.
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