Looking for petite size jumpsuit for wedding
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Difficulty: burgundy.

This is for someone who is 5 feet tall and large chested, so need to be able to wear a bra. Color can be in any shade of burgundy/wine/maroon range.

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Check Rent the Runway’sselection. Add hem tape for petite sizes.
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If you've got time, this jumpsuit from eShakti can be made to her exact measurements.
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Here are two super cute options from ASOS Petite!

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Here's another ASOS one that's in regular sizing but looks like it would work well on a petite frame. This bridesmaid one with cropped legs might also work.
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big bud press has a pretty great jumpsuit depending on how formal the wedding is could be dressed up or down.
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BHLDN by Anthropologie often has nice jumpsuits for formal occasions.
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Just a note for those suggesting hem tape on a regular size - it's not that simple, especially with a jumpsuit. I'm also 5' tall, and it's not just the length of the legs that are the problem. The waist on a regular size is going to be way too low, hitting around her hips or making the top blouse ridiculously. Plus petite sizes adjust all sorts of proportions, like narrower shoulders, etc.
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+1 on thejanna's point - modifying a standard sized jumpsuit for a 5' woman would require quite extensive alterations, (if it were even possible) - or else wearing a jumpsuit with the crotch halfway to her knees. Not a good look.

Google leads me to some more options - apologies if they're a heap of things you've already seen.
Sonata Jumpsuit from Anthropologie
R & M Petite Embellished One-Shoulder Jumpsuit from Macys (actually it appears to have a wide strap on the other shoulder, so bra wearing would not be a problem)
Boohoo also seems to have several, e.g. Petite Wrap Over Jumpsuit, Petite Wrap Front Wide Leg Jumpsuit, Petite Tie Waist Choker Woven Jumpsuit, or Petite Pinstripe over Jumpsuit
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