Best smartphone to use w/ a cell signal booster in order 2 get Internet?
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We live way out in the country and we bought a cell phone signal booster which is giving us 3 bars on a flip-phone (before we were getting 1 bar) but now we want to see if we can get Internet on a smartphone but have been told it varies from one phone to another. Any suggestions?

We are on Verizon and we can change carriers but we have also been told that ability to get Internet varies from one phone to another. Would an iPhone be better than a Samsung Android phone? Does model year make a difference between one brand of phones?
Or does it even matter?
Any other tips appreciated!
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Can you provide a link to the signal booster?

The best way to answer your question is to actually try it with different phones. Do you have friends with smart phones you could invite over to see what kind of signal they get?

Note: you don't want to just look at bars. You want try actually accessing the internet and maybe running a speed test app. Bars don't always equate to bandwidth.
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The booster is a Weboom at the $250 price point although I see it is on Amazon now for $379 (!?).

Winnie the Proust - that is what I thought I might need to do but wasn't sure, thanks for taking the time to answer!

Any other tips still appreciated!
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I'd be interested in how this works out for you, once you try it with some smart phones. I've looked into signal boosters in the past, but haven't yet taken the plunge.
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Does this signal booster use your cable internet connection? If so, I don't think it matters what phone you use on it. I also live in East Boondock (we have no cell signal, from any provider, at my house) and we use a Microcell tower from AT&T to send our cell data out over our cable internet connection. We've used our Microcell with our old iPhones and our slightly-less-old Samsungs. We have frequent houseguests who have an assortment of phones; once we register their phones with our Microcell they can all use the signal reliably for voice and data.

So I think you're OK to buy the phone you like best.
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