Radio Alarm Clock Request
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I want a radio alarm clock. This is proving difficult to procure.

I want to wake up listening to the radio, and (secondary goal) stop using my phone as an alarm clock. (Also I cannot get my phone to wake me up with live CBC radio as an alarm so if anyone has any thoughts on this I would be intrigued - iPhone 7).

I want it to be:
1. An FM radio (with a strong signal detector)
2. An alarm clock (where I can wake up to the radio)
3. Not ugly (there are so many ugly ones out there, this is a limiting factor)
4. Available in Canada.

This one is almost perfect except for the reviews that says the light is too bright (and cannot be turned off) and the price (though I could be convinced, for the perfect item).

Please hope me!
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PM'd you! :)
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By "not ugly," do you mean analog display only, or is digital OK?
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Mr. BlahLaLa and I have used Sony alarm clocks for years. Our current models aren't sold any longer, but I think you can't go wrong with this.

Or you might need to go into more detail about what you find ugly.
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While ugly is subjective, I have and would recommend this one. I 'm on my second (no fault of the clock, not meant to be knocked off that often). Has a strong FM antenna and for me - large buttons helps.
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This one looks similar to the one you like. Gets good reviews for dimmable light and reception. Costs extra to ship to Canada, but is still cheaper than the one you were looking at originally.
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Also I cannot get my phone to wake me up with live CBC radio as an alarm so if anyone has any thoughts on this I would be intrigued - iPhone 7

TuneIn Pro does this. (The interface isn't straightforward, but you can select the station from Search and then tap the "..." icon to set it as an alarm.)

Sony's Dream Machine radio alarms are great, and though the very best models aren't made any more, you can sometimes find them on eBay or in thrift stores. Also worth considering: the Philips wake-up light / alarm radio. However, if you want something retro-analogue like the Tivoli, then go real retro: eBay or Etsy are probably your friends there, but you'd want to make sure that the power cord and internals are up to spec.
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I use a Philips Wake Up light (I've linked the more expensive version, but they make cheaper ones)

It has an option to gradually raise the volume when the alarm time hits, along with slowly turning on a light as the alarm time approaches. The time displayed is light sensitive, so in a dark room, the clock will dim. It's basically the perfect alarm clock.
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Maybe this?
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Based on an AskMe, I got this 7 day radio alarm clock. It is not particularly attractive, but it gets good reception and I love being able to set a separate alarm time for each day of the week. My old Sony Dream Machine looks okay and is the clock/ radio in the bathroom. I've had it for probably 20+ years, still works.
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As adamrice posted, the SoundFreaq SoundRise radio has a dimmable display, great sound, and will wake you to radio, alarm, or any music on a connected device (via bluetooth), and it has a USB port to charge your phone. I have one; its only 'fault' is the controls are not quite intuitive to use.
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My son requested an alarm clock / radio last year so we looked at new ones but the one he ended up likeing the most was one from Value Village that we bought for $2.00. You'd be surprised what you can find.

The alarm clock we use is one my wife bought from Consumer Distributing a long long long time ago. It has a built in tape deck with an option to trigger the tape when set the alarm!

I have an older Tivoli and have found that the stations tend to drift. Is this a problem they remedied in the newer versions?
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Would just an electrical outlet programmable timer serve with your preferred radio plugged in?
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Sangean makes high quality radio products. My bet is their radio alarm clocks are also well made.
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Again, depends on your definition of ugly, but I like the simplicity of my Sony one
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