A sideways kind of love
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I'd like to make a sweet + fun Spotify playlist for my gem of a partner, but my knowledge of good songs for this is very scant. Said partner is extremely warm, kind, and sentimental, but expresses it in very sideways or wry/humorous ways - a direct eye contact + I LOVE YOU SO MUCH is just not their style!

Can you think of songs in any genre that talk about love and affection in a less hyperbolic and/or funny or slightly dark or even ribald tone? Partner is very into clever lyrics and wordplay, but that's not required. This ask was slightly helpful, but it's almost 10 years old and we are much past the crush stage at this point :-)
No songs are too old or weird or obscure! Thank you!
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Not Spotify, but Tim Minchin's If I Didn't Have You sounds like it would be up your partner's alley. It really screams songs in any genre that talk about love and affection in a less hyperbolic and/or funny or slightly dark or even ribald tone to me.
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The Book of Love, by the Magnetic Fields is both wry and sweet.
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I put Your Personal Penguin on a mixtape for my husband when we were first dating. It is a very fine song and he laughed.
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coppermoss beat me to The Book of Love - I came in to recommend the same song!
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A lot of Jonathan Coulton tunes meet this bill:

Skullcrusher Mountain - supervillain sings to love interest he's kidnapped
Blue sunny Day - Sad vampire love song
First of May -Ribald
The future soon - sad geek love song
My moon - love song to the moon
I crush everything - love song of a giant squid
Soft Rocked By Me - meta soft rock song
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Without getting into the darker stuff, two early Mountain Goats songs, "Orange Ball of Hate" and "Orange Ball of Love" strike me as contenders.
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Lilly (My One And Only) by Smashing Pumpkins is a love song from a peeping tom to the girl who's privacy he's violating. Creepy, but, at least to me, darkly funny.
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More Bad Times, by Presidents of the United States of America

You twisted your ankle I carried you/You got a divorce so I married you/You fell off a cliff so I buried you/I wish there were more bad times to see you through
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Jens Lekman has many songs that would suit. How We Met (The Long Version) is a good start.
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Stuck with You by Huey Lewis and the News
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If you find a Song you like you can start a radio station based on it and quickly cycle through the list. I’ve done this a lot to flesh out playlists.
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10cc's 'I'm Not in Love' fits the bill.
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Sunday kind of love by Etta James
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speaking of Jonathan Coulton, at my wedding my wife and I's first dance was to You Ruined Everything.
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"Sink to the Bottom" from the first Fountains of Wayne record.
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Greg Brown – "Who Woulda Thunk It"
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My Darling's Downsized by the wonderful Chris Wood. A love song for the grumpy old gits, as he so eloquently puts it.
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Maybe I Love You, You Imbecile.
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Green Lights by Sarah Jarosz.
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John Prine & Iris DeMent, In Spite of Ourselves
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If you’re going to include the Book of Love (which you should) you might as well listen to the rest of 69 Love Songs, I’m guessing there are a few more you might like.
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or slightly dark

Never Ever Getting Rid of Me Sara Bareilles

Slightly darker-er:

This is Love Air Traffic Controller
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They Might Be Giants have both She's an Angel and Don't Let's Start in the category of "um I think that's probably a love song."

Weird Al's You Make Me is exactly what you'd expect from a love song Weird Al.

Sinatra's I Get a Kick Out of You is a classic non-swoony-romance love song.
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Funny and slightly dark: Your Arms Around Me by Jens Lekman
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The Wannadies “You and Me Song” is sweet but not saccharine. Sample lyrics:

Always when we fight
I kiss you once or twice
And everything's forgotten
I know you hate that
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In Love But Not At Peace - Dar Williams
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You're the Cream in My Coffee - Janet Klein
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"Cologne" by Ben Folds. Both the album and the "fake version" are good, but I prefer the fake one, which is more orchestral. Cologne, fake version.. The second verse (about the murderous astronaut buying diapers) is definitely sideways in a love song.

Long Winters, Ultimatum

"Temptation of Adam" by Josh Ritter. Love song in a nuclear bunker, complete with crossword clue.

Magnetic Fields "Come Back From San Francisco"--"I miss doing the wild thing with you."
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James - Laid
Willie Nelson - I Never Cared For You
Lloyd Cole - Undressed
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These are all wonderful, and the genre diversity is great - thank you! mermaidcafe, q*ben, nathaole, and coppermoss - Magnetic Fields is one of the few bands we both really like and will feature heavily in the playlist - maybe I should call it 70 Love Songs :-D
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Jake Thackray's Lah Di Dah is a fantastic example of this genre.
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